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0164 TAZ
Berlin, 2014, Brandlhuber+ Emde, Burlon; Tobias Hönig, Markus Rampl, Eva Sievert Asmussen, Lukas Vögel

“Inclusive – accessible and public”: The proposal opens up in the direction of the park with taz.cafe and taz.auditorium and a direct link to the editorial conference and the taz.cooperative.  “Free-plan – open to appropriation and flexible”: The seven editorial floors of 400 sqm each can be freely divided and used flexibly. Glazed footbridges connect all further functional rooms (from conference rooms to restrooms) directly on two split-level service floors respectively. “Low-Tech – robust and optimized”: The proposal offers natural lighting and ventilation on all sides, and is shaded by wind-resistant external curtains. The combination of concrete core cooling and underfloor heating allows for the omission of central air-conditioning systems. In the event of a fire, the footbridges become external safety stairs and therefore allow for the omission of expensive high-maintenance sprinklers and pressure ventilation as well as further safety stairs or necessary hallways.

© PONNIE Images for Brandlhuber+