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0030 Klimazone_n

Hannover, 1998, b&k+ Arno Brandlhuber & Bernd Kniess; Markus Emde, Jörg Lammers, Björn Martenson, Lars Wagner

The Klimazone_n project proposed a heating and cooling power plant for the Hannover EXPO2000 world fair. The concept developed from two different needs: the masterplan for the Expo site and the technical requirements of the power plant.The masterplan set the building height at 23 metres, which the power plant did not need, even with its technical equipment. Therefore, instead of constructing a functionless rooftop fence to meet the height requirement, the cooling volume was raised to 23 metres, creating a 10 metre tall void in the building’s centre. Due to their high noise and vibration levels, the primary equipment is located on the ground floor, while the cooling units, because of their high air exchange rate, are located in the top portion of the building. The heat from the machines rises into the building’s new void located between the two rooms, while moisture from the cooling space trickles down from above. The combination of moisture and warm air thus produces a green- house-like environment, offering ideal conditions for tropical flora. The artificial landscape is furthered by the addition of soil for the tropical plants and transparent foil that encloses the volume. The in vitro landscape aims to transfer our polarized perception of human vs. built vs. technology into a more symbiotic relationship, an example of a biological cycle for fossil energy in a future form of nature.