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Köln, 2001-2003, b&k+ Arno Brandlhuber & Bernd Kniess + Bart Lootsma, Marc Räder; Tim Klauser, Casper Mangold, Antje Pehnt, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König

"A second monograph appeared, Index Architecture, edited by Dutch theoretician and critic Bart Lootsma. Formatted as a reader and printed entirely in black and white – with the exception of the first 16 pages of Marc Readers's aforementioned model-like photographs – the book is not structured chronologically and instead, divided into five : Landscape, Material, Object, Tool (Model, Definition, Pleasure) and Index. Consequently, some of the projects are repeatedly shown in different contexts. The layout resembles a panorama, with an index at the top, plans, images, charts and diagrams in the middle part – bleeding the pages to continue on the following ones – and an essay in the lower part. This specific book design highlights the idea that architecture is above all a linear process, closer to reading than to constructing. In addition, the publication contains a special feature: four bookmarks – segments cut from the glossy dust jackets. Strictly speaking, this is a reference (if not a call) to reusability, an element that has played a major role to Brandlhuber's practice since the very beginning."

(quote from Architecture, bleeding of the page: the vocabulary of Brandlhuber+, by Moritz Küng, El Croquis 194: Brandlhuber+, p.259) 


Bart Lootsma, Marc Reader (ed.)

Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2001

ISBN 3-88375-568-0