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0066 Dönges I

Köln, 2001-2003, b&k+ Arno Brandlhuber & Markus Emde, Martin Kraushaar, Björn Martenson; Piotr Brzoza, Marion Clauss, Konrad Dölger, Christina Götte, Katja Hennig, Annette Höller, Jochen Kremer, Thomas Müllen, Juliane Müller, Simon Stier; Führer - Kosch - Jürges (Tragwerk)

Office and industrial building for a glazier’s workshop with additional areas that can be rented. The cubature of the building is derived from the ordinances on clearance and setback space, the ability of the glassworks vehicles to turn at the rear of the building and the ability to seal the grounds in an authorized way. By combining the various values for thermal insulation, sound insulation and sun protection, an Excel file generated the design for the division of the various façade glasses so that – independent of the specific demands of the individual utilization units – the required average values would be maintained. Through a suspended ceiling, the steel structure takes into account the operational-technical demand for a column-free ground floor; to minimize construction efforts, suspension ensues by story and axle offset.