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0074 Cramer I

Köln, 2002-2004, b&k+ Arno Brandlhuber & Markus Emde, Martin Kraushaar, Björn Martenson; Asterios Agkathidis, Piotr Brzoza, Jochen Kremer, Jochen Lambmann

Standard+. The carpentry workshop (0074 Cramer I, 2002- 2004) and the dental laboratory (0097 Wentzsche, 2002-2004) were built on a single plot on an inner-city industrial estate in Cologne. An important premise for the feasibility of both build- ings, jointly named ‘Standard+’, was a cost-effective design that would be affordable for medium-sized craft businesses. The Standard+ design caters for the economic and functional needs of the clients by working with ready-made pavilions. As a result, the dental technician’s building is smaller —455 m2— while the carpenter’s building contains 860 m2. The larger building can therefore be rented out to smaller ateliers in addition to the carpentry workshop.The simple cubic volumes were constructed using a standardized steel structure. The short sides of the structure are clad with prefabricated glass elements and operable ventilation openings, produced by a local glass manufacturer, Doenges (0066 Doenges I, 2000-2002). Functions such as offices and ateliers were placed behind the glazed facades to take advantage of the sunlight during working hours. The longer sides of the building contain the workshops and laboratories which don’t require daylight, and could therefore be completely closed. This system allowed the occupants to clad their portion of the façade in a way that represents their business, illustrating the installation of the different crafts around the building. The carpenter clad the closed facades of his unit with horizontal tree trunks —a reference to Le Corbusier’s Le Cabanon Hut— while the dental technician went for a fiberglass skin with golden fittings. The arrangement of the latter facade correlates with a typical dental incrus- tation. Both buildings are used as workshops with office spaces.