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0101 Brandlhuber, A Fiction

Antwerpen, Köln, 2005, Martin Burckhardt; deSingel, Moritz Küng, Silvan Linden, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König

"With the release in 2005 of his third monograph, Brandlhuber/A Fiction, Brandlhuber's interest in ties reached a complete different, even contradictory level. At the time, the founders of b&k+ were in the process of breaking up and establishing two independent parallel entities. In retrospect, this publication seems to embody an almost psychoanalytic approach. Probably as a consequence of his professional situation and its future turn, Brandlhuber invited Martin Burckhardt – an esteemed author and cultural theorist – as a contributor. He made the unexpected novel proposal of an identity hijack, a one-sided role reversal. Burckhardt would become Brandlhuber and 'inhabit' the book, writing a fake autobiography without any interference from his 'avatar', representing him moreover at public events and even lecturing on his behalf. The forthcoming implications of Burckhardt's proposal are summarized in the cover blurb, written by the author: "... I did indeed set about to intervene in another person's biography, that of an architect in Cologne, who had somehow reached the end of a phase in life. He was about to be honored with an exhibition of his work and had asked me, Burckhardt, to write a text, but not another one of those nice, superficial gestures which spoil the catalogue like theoretical scum, but to write something which would be a complete work-in-itself. At the moment when Brandlhuber asked me, I realized that the decisive factor would not be the parallel text but the intervention, that the only meaning of this act could be an exchange, and indeed a seriously-intended exchange. For this reason, I asked Brandlhuber's consent to appear as Brandlhuber, to enter his existence, so to speak, to turn Brandlhuber into Brandlhuber material, a malleable material, in other words, to confront him with the possibility of his disappearance". (Martin Burckhardt. Brandlhuber / Een fictie. A Fiction (Ed. Moritz Küng). Antwerp-Cologne: deSingel, and Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2005)

(quote from Architecture, bleeding of the page: the vocabulary of Brandlhuber+, by Moritz Küng, El Croquis 194: Brandlhuber+, p. 259)

Brandlhuber, Eine Fiktion
Martin Burckhardt, deSingel (ed.)
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2005
ISBN 3-88375-927-9