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0122 Akademie c/o

Berlin, c/o Temporäre Kunsthalle 2008-2010, c/o Neuer Berliner Kunstverein 2010- , Arno Brandlhuber, Anna-Catharina Gebbers, Silvan Linden, Christian Posthofen + die eingeschriebenen Teilnehmer & Besucher der Veranstaltungen

The "Academy c/o", was founded by Arno Brandlhuber, Silvan Linden and Christian Posthofen as an subsidiary of the „Architecture and Urban Studies“ Masters at the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg. It is dedicated to the discourse on the "spacial production of the Berlin Republic". From the understanding that architecture is the "Ordering of Social Relations by Built", guests from different fields are researching and discussing the spatial manifestations and their influence on public social action. Among others: the theologian Rolf Schieder reviewing the new „Bundeswehr Memorial“ at Bendler Block (February 18, 2009); Nine Budde, Robert Burghardt and Kito Nedo discussing "Town Houses" as a model of capitalist urban development (20 January 2011); the art historian Maren Polte showing how the architectural and urban developments of Berlin’s government quarter and the European Quarter in Brussels have been shaped by the anonymous power of lobbyism (April 7, 2011). More information: www.akademie-co.org.