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0131 Antivilla
Krampnitz, 2010-2015, Brandlhuber+ Emde, Burlon; Elsa Beniada, Peter Behrbohm, Klara Bindl, Romina Falk, Victoria Hlubek, Tobias Hönig, Cornelia Müller, Markus Rampl, Paul Reinhardt, Jacob Steinfelder, Caspar Viereckl; Karin Guttmann, Robert Hartfiel, Andreas Schulz / Pichler Ingenieure (Tragwerksplanung)

The reconstruction of the former DDR tricot factory „Ernst Lück“, located at the Krampnitzsee, southwest of Berlin, does not aim for the mere physical upgrade of the outer shell. Instead, it questions the mandatory standards in current building regulations by proposing an new understanding of architecture and environment. Together with Pichler engineers, Brandlhuber+ Emde, Burlon developed a concept, based on a few selective measures, which allow for the new usage as studio- and residential building. The gabled roof made of asbestos plates was removed and replaced by a newly designed flat one, which structurally functions as a beam, allowing for up to five meter wide openings in the existing walls, which emphasize the physical presence of the existing structure. Inside, the building was gutted — non-bearing walls were removed. A functional core, including bathroom, kitchen and sauna, supplements the upper floor. The sauna stove functions as the central point of differentiated climatic zones, which dissolve from the warmer inside, to the cooler outside and can be separated by translucent curtains. Therefore the generous spatial impression remains. While in winter the heated space shrinks to a core area of approximately 70 sqm, it can expand in other seasons accordingly. In contrast to the climatic gradation, the light differentiates according to the functional needs. 

Thus, Antivlla is re-using & re-thinking Reyner Banham’s concept of „Architecture of the Well-Tempered Environment“ from 1969, combining his two distinct principles of  „generating space“: The existing structure representing the „constructional aspect“; the climatic gradation representing the „energetic aspect“.

(Text: Anh-Linh-Ngo & Achim Reese)

Photos © Erica Overmeer