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0143 Shanzhai-Schloss "Palast des Luxus"

Berlin, 2017-, Brandlhuber+ Peter Schiering und Benedikt Gondolf (Redakteure); Sebastian Leist (Kamera), Philipp Menzen (Schnitt), Ralf Lindermann und Fang Yu (Darsteller); Klara Bindl, Tobias Hönig, Cornelia Müller (Modell Stadtschloss)

2017 the Chinese Investor Han Hao - who bought already the concert hall in Reykjavik - will take over the building ruin of the reconstructed Berlin City Palace to realize the shopping mall 'Palast des Luxus'. The almost completed bare concrete structure of Franco Stella will be connected with the so far uncompleted roof construction for the Reichstag building of Sir Norman Foster, corresponding to the creation of the Chinese Shanzhai-Culture.