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0150 Initiative Weltkulturerbe Doppeltes Berlin
Berlin, 2012, Arno Brandlhuber, Tobias Hönig, Christian Posthofen und alle Unterstützer der Initiative; Schirmherr: Thomas Krüger; Flaggenzeremonie: Thomas Krüger, Regula Lüscher; Initiativ- Büro: Tobias Hönig, Martha Posthofen, Vera Tollmann; Webseite: strobo.eu Matthias Friedrich Julian von Klier; Haus der Kulturen der Welt: Alexandra Engel, Leila Haghihat, Valerie Smith, Pia Thilmann u.a.; Kongress: Daniel Bruns, Gabriele Dolff-Bonekämper, Gerrit Engel, Bruno Flierl, Thilo Geisler, Jörg Haspel, Carlo Jordan, Rainer Laabs, Thomas Martin, Reinhard Ost, Dietger Pforte, Bernd M. Scherer, Claudius Seidl; Filmbeiträge der Klasse für Experimentelle Filmgestaltung (UdK Berlin) unter der Leitung von Michael Busch und Heinz Emigholz: Laszlo Antal, Nike Arnold, Juana Awad, Anne Behrndt, Julian Brinkmann, Mathieu Brohan, Guillaume Cailleau, Yair Elazar Glotman, Emily Keslar, Antonia Kilian, Sungeun Kim, Nadja Krüger, Kornelia Kugler, Vincent Maigler, Lena Siebertz, Hanna Slak, Alicja Sowiar, Björn Speidel, Elisa Storelli

The close relationship between architecture and ideology becomes nowhere clearer, than in ideologically divided territories. Using the example of East and West Berlin (1945-1989) the role of architecture as a „projection screen“ for ideological messages can be read. In both parts of the city symbolic building arose: residential- and cultural buildings were placed ideologically in line with the existing structures. As a result of this "architectural race" you still can find a duplication of structures and buildings in East and West today, amongs others: two convention halls, two people's theaters, etc. The initiative „World Heritage Double Berlin“ considers this „mirrored architecture“ being unique and launches a public research and collection on these doubled architectures of the once divided city of Berlin, aiming to promote it as a world heritage site.
Contribution to the exhibition "Between Walls and Windows - Architecture and Ideology" in the HDKW (House of World Cultures). Curated by Valerie Smith.

Hatje Cantz published "Between Walls and Windows - Architecture and Ideology" featuring the initiative "World Heritage Doubled Berlin" more information: www.doppeltes-berlin.de
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