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0177 ARCH+ features 35: Legislating Architecture
Berlin, 2015, ARCH+, Harvard Abroad Studio Berlin & Technische Universität Berlin; Frank Barkow, Jochen Becker, Arno Brandlhuber, Sam Chermayeff, Rainer Hehl, Florian Hertweck, Tobias Hönig, Maria Hudl, Niklas Maak, André Moschke, Imke Mumm, Fritz Neumeyer, Anh-Linh-Ngo, Markus Rosenthal, Grit Schade, Dubravka Sekulic, Jean-Philippe Vassal

Conference: In addition to the numerous pre-conditions that exist before the design of architecture can begin (gravity, geometry, program etc.) it is the power of text that we wish to focus on here. These preconditions or regulations are known to planners and designers as rules, zoning, or code and are accepted as unavoidable conditions that can be "interpreted" in the best case. Can these preconditions be considered as pro-active instruments or tools for design rather than obstacles? Can the designer be instrumental in establishing these conditions rather than the recipient of them?
© David von Becker