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0190 Legislating Architecture (Venice Architecture Biennial)

Arno Brandlhuber & Christopher Roth; Olaf Grawert, Tobias Hönig, Theresa Kraus, Kristof Schlüßler

With the contribution to the Architecture Biennale 2016, Arno Brandlhuber and Christopher Roth address the aspects of legislation as a factor and tool in architecture respectively the production of space. The film shows interviews with relevant protagonists, who all refer to processes and projects in Berlin, Zurich and Sicily and Turkey. Legislating Architecture follows people that are driven by the constant widening and reinterpretation of building law, rules, zoning and code. The audience is invited to sit on chairs made of building law registers in a movie screening set-up, while the 30 minute long movie loops and tells the story of the pleasure of overcoming legal restrictions: laws create design and vice versa. More information: www.legislatingarchitecture.org

Including: Marc Angélil, Sandra Bartoli, Tom Emerson, Isabella Fera, Christian Kerez, Gaetano Ligata, Suigi Snozzi, Anna Yeboah.