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0200 El Croquis

Berlin, 2017-2018, Fernando Márquez Cecilia, Richard Levene; Jamie Benyei, Olaf Grawert, Roberta Jurcic, Korbinian Messerer, Annalena Morra, Chrissie Muhr, Liliana C. Obal, Cristina Poveda, Paloma Poveda, Beatriz Rico, Katharina Thurow / Photographer: Hisao Suzuki 

The El Croquis monograph is not the first but the sixth book on the work of Arno Brandlhuber. No less importantly, this issue complements an ever-expanding mental space devoted to examining, thinking, re-thinking, establishing and producing architecture in a different way. 

(quote from Architecture, bleeding of the page: the vocabulary of Brandlhuber+, by Moritz Küng, El Croquis 194: Brandlhuber+, p.253)

Fernando Márquez Cecilia, Richard Levene (ed.)
El Croquis Editorial, Madrid, 2018 
ISBN 978-84-947754-2-0