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0201 Freiheit von Mögglingen

Remstal, 2017-2019, Brandlhuber+, Marta Dyachenko; Olaf Grawert, Maria Hudl, Wendelin Kammermeier, Anton Peitersen, Noël Picco, Allessandro Rauschmann, Kristof Schlüßler, Kaat Volckaert

In 2019, a memorial will be built in Mögglingen, a small municipality in the south of Germany, to mark the successful fight by its citizens against the federal road B29 cutting through their village. Mögglingen is a place that has always been shaped by trade and traffic. With the Roman road at the Limes and the federal road B29, two important, albeit very different, roads lead through and past Mögglingen. For more than sixty years, an initiative founded by the citizens of Mögglingen fought against the passage through the town and for a bypass, that would allow the two halves of the town to finally join. With the opening of the bypass road in 2019, the year of the Gartenschau, the battle becomes part of the history of the town and inscribed in the landscape. This momentum, in which citizens express their idea of living together and thus manage to actually change the landscape, is the theme of "Freedom from Possiblings". In dialogue with the sculptor and architect Marta Dyachenko, a work is created that goes beyond the architectural object and incorporates the historical and social levels of the place. The statue is an abstract casting of the Libertas, the memorial of the citizens' initiative "Freiheit für Mögglingen - B29 raus". The "Freiheit von Mögglingen" is a place of departure and change, at the intersection of past and future, to remind us of what is possible. The architecture becomes an expression of a social responsibility to actively shape the environment. This process is not an easy one, nor a unanimous one, but an important one.