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0211 Brutiful (Kortijk Biennale)

Kortijk 2018, Brandlhuber+; Manuel Bürger, Olaf Grawert, Hannes Hehemann, Jakob Eden, Kristof Schlüßer

In 2018, while making an outdoor kitchen for San Gimignano Lichtenberg, leftover concrete and reinforcement bars were used to make an ad hoc table on site. The concrete was poured on a plastic sheet, forming a pile with a flat bottom. Four pieces of leftover re-bar were used as the table’s legs. For the Kortijk Biennale in Brussles, the first idea was to recreate this table. However, as there was no longer a construction site, there were no leftover reinforcement bars to use for supports. Therefore, a new design was developed using a similar process, but without rebar. Mixed concrete was again poured on a plastic sheet but instead of lying flat, the pile was wrapped and bound with tape. This method produced a series of stools that did not try to replicate a single form, but were instead the results of a repeated, imperfect process.