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0213 Architecting after Politics (*****S)

Brandlhuber+ and Christopher Roth; Michaela Friedberg, Olaf Grawert, Annalena Morra, Anna Yeboah

"Architecting after Politics" is the third film in a series created since 2016 and is a collaboration between Brandlhuber+ and film director and artist Christopher Roth. The film continues the story of "Legislating Architecture" and "The Property Drama,“ posing a crucial question of our time: who architects the city? The exhibition, in cooperation with the online TV channel, station+ (ETHZ), presents a cinematic essay that answers this question in a dialog-based manner. Referring to C. G. Jung's and Wolfgang Pauli's wholistic thinking model, both the film and the exhibition use the quaternio as a way of structuring complex phenomena. The exhibition moves to different locations and brings local phenomena into a global context. The film was made possible by the vai (Vorarlberger Architektur Institut). More information: www.v-a-i.at

Including: Marc Angélil, Jens Badura, Sandra Bartoli, Oana Bogdan, Daniela Brahm, James Bridle, Sam Chermayeff, Keller Easterling, Tom Emerson, Isabella Fera, Yona Friedman, Renée Gailhoustet, Christian Kerez, Phylis Lambert, Gaetano Ligata, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Les Schliesser, Patrik Schumacher, Kazuyo Sejima, Luigi Snozzi, Jonas Staal, Raquel Rolnik, Milica Topalovic, Stephan Trüby, Leo van Broeck, Jean-Philippe Vassal, Hans Jochen Vogel, Mirko Zardini